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Share files without Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Transferring files between two devices can be a tedious process. The traditional way to do it would be through the use of USB cables. Now, users do wireless file transfers with Bluetooth and sharing apps to do it. However, these apps need Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections for them to work. SHAREIt is a revolutionary tool that allows users to send files wirelessly without a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. Originally released in April 2015, SHAREit is a file manager that offers faster and more efficient file transfers.

Quick and Easy File Transfer

As mentioned above, SHAREit speeds up the file transfer process for its users. You won’t need to carry cables around to transfer files between mobile and desktop devices. There’s no need for a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to transfer files, either. All you need to do is download and install the SHAREit app on both of the devices that require file transfers. Once the app has been installed, the transfer process is simple and easy.

Users who use devices with different operating systems like Mac or Windows won’t need to worry as well because SHAREit is multi-platform. Thanks to this, users can transfer files between different operating systems. Users can send photos, music, videos, and more with SHAREit.

Process and Features

SHAREit can transfer files 200 times faster than Bluetooth thanks to its 20 MB/sec transfer rate. It also has a native media player that supports HD streaming of videos and high-quality music. To send files from desktop to mobile, users only need to go to the desktop app and look for the connected devices. Devices can be connected by scanning a QR code. Once the receiving device has been selected, users can drag and drop the files they need to transfer onto the device.

SHAREit doesn’t seem to be exaggerating when it said that it's file transfer rates are incredibly fast. Even large files with sizes ranging from several hundred MBs to GBs transfer within a few minutes.

Useful Tool

Being able to transfer files between devices without using cables or Internet connections is a massive relief, and that’s exactly what SHAREit provides. The transfer process is fast and simple. It does need a bit of troubleshooting to set-up, but all in all, the tool pretty easy to use. Using SHAREit, sending files to family and friends is easier than ever before.


  • Supports different files types
  • Multi-platform
  • Fast transfer
  • Simple process


  • Prone to crashing
  • Difficult to set up


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SHAREit 0.9.0 for Mac


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