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Help & Info about SHAREit for android

  • What is SHAREit for Android?

    SHAREit is a software application which provides users with nearly unparalleled transfer speeds. It can be used to send and receive files between disparate devices and velocities, and is said to be one of the fastest in the industry today.
  • Is SHAREit free for users to download?

    Users will be pleased to know that the SHAREit file transfer service for Android systems is absolutely free to download and install. This is one of the reasons why it is often preferred over other platforms that require some type of one-time payment or fee.
  • How fast can files be sent and uploaded with SHAREit?

    The developers of SHAREit claim that transfer speeds as high as 20 megabytes per second are possible (assuming that a strong connection can be maintained between two devices). This is roughly the equivalent of 200 times faster than standard Bluetooth connectivity. SHAREit is therefore ideal when sending large packets of data (such as HD films or lengthy media content).
  • What is the maximum wireless sharing range associated with SHAREit?

    It should be mentioned that devices must be able to locate one another in order to send or receive information. The maximum allowable distance to achieve this capability is approximately 100 feet (30 metres). However, it is also important to note that no Internet connection is required for two users to share files with one another.
  • Is SHAREit safe for me to install?

    SHAREit is a safe program and it is frequently examined for the presence of viruses and similar types of malware. Having said this, it is still wise to download this application from a trustworthy provider in order to avoid potential risks.
  • How much memory will SHAREit require to function properly?

    SHAREit will require 21 megabytes of free memory space. This is relatively small when compared to some other services which offer peer-to-peer file transfers.
  • Can I recover lost or accidentally deleted files within SHAREit?

    It is first important to launch the Android Data Recovery Service. One this application has been activated, users can search for any files or folders that might have been accidentally deleted. They will then be able to be restored in the normal manner.
  • Will SHAREit consume a large amount of my wireless data allowance?

    The goods news is that as SHAREit is only cross-platform sharing service, it will not consume any wireless data that would normally be associated with file sharing services.
  • Does the SHAREit application work without a wireless connection?

    One of the most unique features associated with SHAREit is that it does not need an Internet connection to function. However, two devices will still have to be in relatively close proximity before a file can be shared.
  • Is SHAREit legal to use?

    The program itself is perfectly legal to download and install. It is still the responsibility of the user to make sure that all data and information being sent and receive is legally permitted (particularly media content associated with copyright laws and similar intellectual properties).


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