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Share Files - when it works

SHAREit lets you transfer files from different devices like phones, tablets, and computers. Using direct Wi-Fi connections, SHAREit can send files, photos, videos, and apps from one device to another. When it works, it is awesome, but when it doesn't, there's little reason to try again.

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  • eader mond

    by eader mond

    my computer can't find the path to run the program your servise isn't good i am having a important work by shareit but it isn't downloading so i am not liking it please improve your service and try to provide a costumer care call option in which on call it tells that what to do

  • انمي دراغون بول

    by انمي دراغون بول


  • sami sallam

    by sami sallam

    fantastic .....................................................................................

  • Md Shimul Ahmed

    by Md Shimul Ahmed

    I am always use to shareit. Because this apps is must be first for all document share

  • Rafael Morales

    by Rafael Morales


  • Avinash Gudimani

    by Avinash Gudimani

    awsome app. it helps alot. fa share files n folders. its realy a gud app

  • Suci Rahmadani

    by Suci Rahmadani

    good app! i like it so much, my job will finish easy

  • hasmin roldan

    by hasmin roldan

    good file transfer very fast and big file easy to transfer even 1gb is applicable

  • theday Dream

    by theday Dream

    super good and very efficient, i would recommend this to my friend

  • PrincessROS Ocasla

    by PrincessROS Ocasla

    share it is a very very good file because that is transfer to the computer or cellphone and another gadgets. that's it than you

  • MD Murad Hossan Hridoy

    by MD Murad Hossan Hridoy

    very nice app shareit. I am very happy for shareit..I am Murad.

  • Anju Ydv

    by Anju Ydv

    shareit best way to share the photos video and movie,its very esay to use

  • Kang Oboy Urang Sunda

    by Kang Oboy Urang Sunda

    it's very usefull to help me finished my work, new inovation tranfer file etc..

  • Nizar Ulumuddin

    by Nizar Ulumuddin

    its easy, so fast, i think Shareit is the best sharing appicatiaon/software.

  • hafiz zack

    by hafiz zack

    i like shareit because can share anywhere file like us video,picture and anything

  • Joel Wilson

    by Joel Wilson

    This thing sucks.It never works.I love it's android version but this is not good.

  • Vikrant Kumar Anand

    by Vikrant Kumar Anand

    It works very slow in windows 10. It takes too long time to open or run and its transfer speed is average.

  • Dhurba Pun

    by Dhurba Pun

    very power full tool love it. we wish you all the entire team for better luck

  • Hooman Mahdavian

    by Hooman Mahdavian

    very good application to transfer photo and picture and it is so useful for me

  • Kaavya Balachandran

    by Kaavya Balachandran

    it is really awesome. It works more fast. It is easy to work

  • Devathati Satish

    by Devathati Satish

    super app working to good app very usefullapp.................................

  • Anshul Nepal

    by Anshul Nepal

    best app for file trasfer between computer and a phone... i have been using shareit since 2 yrs and i am never disapointed by this very app.

  • Moamar Shlandi

    by Moamar Shlandi

    Awesome app way to go guys

  • R. P Graphic's

    by R. P Graphic's

    Nice apps & software these software are transfer any files, data, image. any thing. sooo thank's

  • Kumar Manas

    by Kumar Manas

    Its good to share required files and documents. We can transfer any document without data cable and seems to be very easy.

  • Muhammad Unfowan

    by Muhammad Unfowan

    very nice this softonic site this is very helpful to find out the any kind of software.

  • Shubhankar Dutta

    by Shubhankar Dutta

    very nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice

  • Eslam Elashry

    by Eslam Elashry

    very good program. very very very very very very very very very good.

  • Sandhya P Sandy

    by Sandhya P Sandy

    share it is very useful for sending data photos to friends and office very fast easily. It take very less time in sending any data. very usefull compared to other app.

  • Gsm Bajaj

    by Gsm Bajaj

    good. good good. good. good. good. good good. good. good. good. good good. good. good. good. good good. good. good. good. good good. good. good.