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Share Files - when it works

SHAREit lets you transfer files from different devices like phones, tablets, and computers. Using direct Wi-Fi connections, SHAREit can send files, photos, videos, and apps from one device to another. When it works, it is awesome, but when it doesn't, there's little reason to try again.

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  • عبدالرحمن سمكه

    by عبدالرحمن سمكه


  • Susmitha Senthilkumar

    by Susmitha Senthilkumar

    it is really a good one because it pays way for sharing files quick and safe.and i recommend it for people to enhance their knowledge and brilliance.

  • Dilip Shah

    by Dilip Shah

    yes i recommend it. because it very useful to transfer files, deta, pictures, and many important materials

  • patience Flyer

    by patience Flyer

    most useful app i like this app and plzz i would like to request all to download this app this may help in vartious fields.

  • George Dournayan

    by George Dournayan

    thank yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Muhammad Amir

    by Muhammad Amir

    great... it's great to help me to share my works. to fasten my process time and will be glade to share this experience to my friends.

  • Bangla kingdom of the world

    by Bangla kingdom of the world

    It's very helpful for sharing video, photo etc. it also very much good.

  • effie uyuni

    by effie uyuni


  • Dejen Mulugeta

    by Dejen Mulugeta

    becouse i want to share different videos and pictures with my friend that is why i want to download in my lap top

  • eader mond

    by eader mond

    my computer can't find the path to run the program your servise isn't good i am having a important work by shareit but it isn't downloading so i am not liking it please improve your service and try to provide a costumer care call option in which on call it tells that what to do

  • Channappa A G

    by Channappa A G

    very good way for shareing any thing, like photos,files,apps

  • Anton Shikhmatov

    by Anton Shikhmatov

    Always so fast and no major bugs. Easy to use without any hussle

  • Gita Ainun

    by Gita Ainun

    bagus, karena bisa membantu mengirim data dengan cepat tanpa hambatan

  • Ahamad Shaik

    by Ahamad Shaik

    nice. because this share all and we share apps and games etc we share free

  • Kiran Hattalli

    by Kiran Hattalli

    nice and easy to use and very delightful. i m using this app from many years it is nice files transfers fast and no viruses are transferd

  • Jayasakthi Farmequipments

    by Jayasakthi Farmequipments

    too good this is very very advance to the people for the data

  • Lanny Mo

    by Lanny Mo

    wOWW Easy to make it, for transfer file not make cable connecte from phone to PC

  • Venkata Jagadeesh Badampudi

    by Venkata Jagadeesh Badampudi

    good its very good site for downloading the apps nkfjlf lkjklfdsfjlkfj

  • Jason Manalaysay

    by Jason Manalaysay

    i know it is very useful for tranffering a file and that's all.

  • Pankaj Goyal

    by Pankaj Goyal

    its waste to time. it will never connect to the other system.

  • sami sallam

    by sami sallam

    fantastic .....................................................................................

  • Md Shimul Ahmed

    by Md Shimul Ahmed

    I am always use to shareit. Because this apps is must be first for all document share

  • Rafael Morales

    by Rafael Morales


  • Avinash Gudimani

    by Avinash Gudimani

    awsome app. it helps alot. fa share files n folders. its realy a gud app

  • Suci Rahmadani

    by Suci Rahmadani

    good app! i like it so much, my job will finish easy

  • hasmin roldan

    by hasmin roldan

    good file transfer very fast and big file easy to transfer even 1gb is applicable

  • theday Dream

    by theday Dream

    super good and very efficient, i would recommend this to my friend

  • PrincessROS Ocasla

    by PrincessROS Ocasla

    share it is a very very good file because that is transfer to the computer or cellphone and another gadgets. that's it than you

  • MD Murad Hossan Hridoy

    by MD Murad Hossan Hridoy

    very nice app shareit. I am very happy for shareit..I am Murad.

  • Anju Ydv

    by Anju Ydv

    shareit best way to share the photos video and movie,its very esay to use